<b>XI LOK SABHA DEBATES, <i> Session IV (Budget) </i> </b>
XI LOK SABHA DEBATES, Session IV (Budget) Thursday, February 20, 1997 / Phalguna 1, 1918 (Saka)

Title: References made to the passing away of sitting member of Lok Sabha Shri Xavier Arakal, former members Shri Manibhai J. Patel (Fourth Lok Sabha) and Dr. Datta Samant (Eight Lok Sabha). TEXT : MR. SPEAKER : Hon. Members, I have to inform the House with a deep sense of sorrow, of the passing away of Sarvashri Xavier Arakal, Manibhai J. Patel, Dr. Datta Samant.

Shri Xavier Arakal was a sitting Member of Lok Sabha representing Ernakulam Parliamentary Constituency of Kerala. He had represented the same constituency during the Seventh Lok Sabha from 1980-84.

Earlier, he had been a Member of Kerala Legislative Assembly during 1977-79.

An advocate by profession, Shri Arakal was associated with various social and other organisations.

A man of letters, Shri Arakal was Associate Editor of `Indian Law Notes' and also wrote a thesis on `Unemployment in India'.

An active parliamentarian, Shri Arakal served as a Member of the Committee on Absence of Members from the sittings of the House during 1980-82. He was also a Member of the Committee on Private Member's Bills and Resolutions in 1996-97.

Shri Xavier Arakal passed away at Ernakulam on 9 February 1997 at the age of 62 years.

Shri Manibhai J. Patel was a Member of Fourth Lok Sabha representing Damoh Parliamentary Constituency of Madhya Pradesh during 1967-70.

Earlier, he was a Member of Madhya Pradesh Legislative Assembly during 1957-62 and 1962-67.

During his membership in the Madhya Pradesh Legislative Assembly, Shri Patel served as the Chairman of the Library Committee.

An active political and social worker, Shri Patel was associated with various social and educational institutions in different capacities.

A widely travelled person, Shri Patel was a member of Government delegation to explore foreign markets for Indian tobacco and tobacco products.

A man of letters, Shri Patel authored several publications including `Nehru Vani', `Janata ke Jawahar', `Shantidoot Shastriji', `Shrimati Indira Gandhi'. `Panchayates Aur Hamara Dayitwa', and `Pagdandiyon Ki Awaz'.

Shri Manibhai J. Patel passed away on 12 June 1996 at Mumbai at the age of 76 years.

Dr. Datta Samant was a Member of Eighth Lok Sabha representing Bombay South-Central Parliamentary constituency of Maharashtra during 1984-89.

Earlier, he had been a Member of the Maharashtra Legislative Assembly for 15 years.

A medical practitioner by profession he rose to become an eminent trade unionist and active political and social leader.

An able parliamentarian, Dr. Samant focussed the attention of the House to the problems faced by the labourers. He served as a Member of the Committee on Absence of Members from the Sittings of the House during 1986-87.

Dr. Datta Samant's tragic end came when he fell to an assassin's bullets on 16 January 1997 at Mumbai at the age of 64 years.

We deeply mourn the loss of these friends and I am sure the House will join me in conveying our condolences to the bereaved families.

The House may now stand in silence for a short while as a mark of respect to the deceased.

(The Members then stood in silence for a short while.)


R. SPEAKER : The House stands adjourned to meet tomorrow, the 21st February,@The Lok Sabha then adjourned till Eleven of the Clock on

Friday, February 21, 1997/Phalguna 2, 1918 (Saka)